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*My Mom and my daughter

Since 1995, I offer services that many seniors and their adult children can rely upon for easier transitions. From downsizing the family home to moving into assisted living, I have helped hundreds of people through the different phases of life.

Right-Sizing and Move Management

I offer hands-on clutter counseling, sorting, purging, and removal. For those moving, I can organize and stage the home for a quick sale. After the sale, I can assist by helping to determine what will be appropriate for the new home environment. I have also helped with unpacking possessions and will purchase, deliver and set up necessities for a new household. I also offer safety assessments and solutions designed to improve mobility, as well as prevent falls, fires, and other security risks.

Paper Management / Daily Money Management

Paper, Paper Everywhere! Another common issue many seniors face and one I have expertise in is paper management. From setting up and maintaining custom filing systems for important estate/financial/tax documents to paying bills online I help make paper/money management easier. I have set up numerous clients on online bill pay and taught them how to use it. I am an expert at Quicken and creating and tracking budgets, medical bills and reimbursements. I also work with other professionals regarding legal, financial or insurance needs. My services include Notary services, auditing current service providers, end of the year tax preparation for an accountant, help with final wishes and end of life planning.