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My Friend, Katherine Services

Simplify your Finances 

As a Certified Professional Daily Money Manager, PDMM®, Katherine offers temporary or long term personal assistance and daily money management services to busy entrepreneurs, executives, seniors, people in life transitions, and high net worth families. Services include: 

Bill Payment and Management

  • Pay bills
  • Set-up online bill pay and teach clients how to use it
  • Reconcile checking and other financial accounts
  • Utilize financial software like Quicken or QuickBooks to: 
    • Generate and monitor budgets
    • Understand cashflow
    • Assist with debt reduction
    • Prepare financial statements
    • Create Tax Summaries for accountants
    • Teach clients how to manage their finances
  • Audit service providers to insure receiving the best price for services
  • Negotiate on client’s behalf during bill disputes 

Paper Management

  • Open and sort mail
  • Set up and maintain filing systems for important estate/financial/tax/work documents
  • Customize filing system for management of incoming mail and other papers

Medical Bills and Insurance

  • Organize insurance and healthcare documents
  • Track doctor, hospital and pharmacy bills and insurance reimbursements
  • Reconcile Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Prepare paperwork for Medicare and supplemental insurance claims and appeals, and Veterans’ benefit

Additional Services

  • Work with other professionals regarding legal, financial or insurance needs
  • Notary
  • Written communications
  • Assistance towards “going paperless”

As a Certified Professional Daily Money Manager(R) and a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)(R), I am uniquely qualified to help seniors and their adult children navigate the different phases of life. From downsizing the family home to moving into assisted living, I have been providing compassionate assistance to numerous families since 1995. 

Right-Sizing and Move Management

As a Certified Senior Advisor and a Professional Organizer, I bring 20+ years experience to the process of Right-sizing. I offer hands-on clutter counseling, sorting, purging, and removal. For those moving, I can organize and stage the home for a quick sale. After the sale, I can assist by helping to determine what will be appropriate for the new home environment. I have also helped with unpacking possessions and will purchase, deliver and set up necessities for a new household. I also offer safety assessments and solutions designed to improve mobility, as well as prevent falls, fires, and other security risks.

Paper Management / Daily Money Management

Paper, Paper Everywhere! Another common issue many seniors face and one I have expertise in is paper management. From setting up and maintaining custom filing systems for important estate/financial/tax documents to paying bills online I help make paper/money management easier. I have set up numerous clients on online bill pay and taught them how to use it. I am an expert at Quicken and creating and tracking budgets, medical bills and reimbursements. I also work with other professionals regarding legal, financial or insurance needs. My services include Notary services, auditing current service providers, end of the year tax preparation for an accountant, and assist with end of life planning.


Office Organization Services:

My Friend, Katherine offers office organization services include: desktop management, creating or improving file systems, paper flow management, office design and layout, ergonomics, paper/records management, clutter control, organizing common areas and supply rooms and coaching for better time and self-management.

Small Business Management Services:

My Friend, Katherine also offers office organizational support to small businesses with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax/financial reports generated by Quicken or QuickBooks and custom services depending on client’s needs.

Home Organizing:

From one closet to your entire home, I offer customized professional organizing to meet all your family’s needs. Your trouble spots will be simplified and your interior and exterior living spaces will be beautified!

My Friend, Katherine provides complete clutter control with a focus on creating efficiency and order: Closets, kitchens, garages, attics, home office, kids’ rooms, living rooms, playrooms, photos, collections, incoming paper management.

I can also supply you with expert advice on staging your Macon home to sell as well as assist with downsizing. If you are moving into a new home I can help you unpack and design a custom space plan that suits your needs.