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Senior Advocacy/Advisory

Evaluate and Recommend home service companies and residences based on client’s needs • Assist with applications for benefits • Community referrals • Liaison between professionals and client and client and family • Protect client from financial abuse and fraud • Right sizing 


Organize divorce paperwork and prepare necessary financial documents • Assist in identifying long-term goals and priorities • Provide a strategic and logical viewpoint during emotional challenges • Create focused meeting agendas, keep attorney meetings on track, collaboratively discuss your options post meeting • Provide work product requested by attorney • Attend and advise you during mediation

Real Estate Holdings

Manage residential and rental properties • Monitor mortgage, real estate tax payments, rental income and expenses • Home staging  


Small Business Management 

Administration • Accounts payable • Accounts receivable • Tax/financial reports generated by Quicken or QuickBooks • Marketing • Custom services depending on client’s needs

Office Organizing

Desktop management • Create or improve file systems • Paper flow management • Office design and layout • Ergonomics • Paper/records management • Clutter control • Organizing common areas and supply rooms • Time and self-management coaching



Cash Management/Banking   

Organize bills for payment and contact vendors when necessary • Prepare checks, make bank deposits, arrange for direct deposit and transfers • Reconcile bank statements • Utilize accounting software (Quicken, QuickBooks) to categorize income and expenses • Set-up online bill pay and mobile deposits • Analyze financial habits and pinpoint trouble spots • Establish budgets • Assist private banker, financial planner, broker, etc. per client’s request • Organize and maintain filing system • Open, review and respond to mail 

Income Taxes

Organize information for current and delinquent tax returns • Monitor estimated tax payments • Prepare tax summary for an accountant

Estate Matters

Assist executor of estate administration • Inventory assets and liabilities • File for life insurance proceeds, social security survivor benefits, pensions, and annuities • Assist estate, eldercare and tax attorneys as directed

Medical and Insurance Activities

Evaluate current health, life, LTC, homeowners’, auto, excess, and disability insurance plans • Prepare and track medical insurance claims, verify reimbursements, resolve problems • Liaison with insurance agents