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Simplify your Finances 

As a Certified Professional Daily Money Manager, PDMM®, Katherine offers temporary or long term personal assistance and daily money management services to busy entrepreneurs, executives, seniors, people in life transitions, and high net worth families. Services include: 

Bill Payment and Management

  • Pay bills
  • Set-up online bill pay and teach clients how to use it
  • Reconcile checking and other financial accounts
  • Utilize financial software like Quicken or QuickBooks to: 
    • Generate and monitor budgets
    • Understand cashflow
    • Assist with debt reduction
    • Prepare financial statements
    • Create Tax Summaries for accountants
    • Teach clients how to manage their finances
  • Audit service providers to insure receiving the best price for services
  • Negotiate on client’s behalf during bill disputes 

Paper Management

  • Open and sort mail
  • Set up and maintain filing systems for important estate/financial/tax/work documents
  • Customize filing system for management of incoming mail and other papers

Medical Bills and Insurance

  • Organize insurance and healthcare documents
  • Track doctor, hospital and pharmacy bills and insurance reimbursements
  • Reconcile Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Prepare paperwork for Medicare and supplemental insurance claims and appeals, and Veterans’ benefit

Additional Services

  • Work with other professionals regarding legal, financial or insurance needs
  • Notary
  • Written communications
  • Assistance towards “going paperless”