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Organizing Packages

My package plans are designed to meet your differing organizational needs. Plus, my hourly rate lowers as the number of hours increases.

 Quick Fix / 1 – 3 hours

If you have a small project that does not require a large investment of time, I recommend purchasing hands-on organizing by the hour. If during our session, you decide further organization is necessary, then we can customize a package from those listed below that meets your needs.

 Organization Basic / “Band-Aid Approach”

4 to 19 hours hands-on organizing sessions focusing on eliminating the current chaos while creating a productive, efficient, non-distracting home or work environment.

 Organization Basic Plus / “The Doctor Is In Approach”

20 to 39 hours of hands-on organizing sessions with follow-up consulting and organizing to focus on identifying individual organization pitfalls and designing and implementing effective systems to manage them.

 Organization Ultimate / “The Cure”

40 plus hours of hands-on organizing sessions, consulting, coaching with a monthly/quarterly maintenance plan. To effectively instill new habits and principles, I will work with you individually on goal setting, self-management techniques, structure and establishing routines. Some clients in this category benefit from a 6-12 month maintenance plan.

Packages are purchased in advance and act as a retainer to be used over time.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase.