Children Resource for Room Mothers/Fathers

Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by Katherine Denton


Resource for Room Mothers/Fathers

Are your responsibilities as  room parent for your child’s class becoming a part-time job?

Room Mothers/Fathers…

Use this resource at the very beginning of the school year and the rest of the year will take care of itself! Luckily I found this idea early on in my career as room mother. It saved me a lot of time and stress and made for a great experience for my children and their friends. As soon as possible, send this form out to parents preferably in the Wednesday/Signed papers folder. Some schools have more parents who are eager to volunteer than others. Keep sending it out until you get an adequate response. Here is an editable version for you to customize. Organizing Volunteers

Resource for Room Mothers

This by far elicited the best response from parents and always insured the kids had awesome parties. Once the forms have been returned to you, then you can start filling in the blanks on the form. Send this next form out as soon as possible with the blanks filled in. One week before every party, send the list out again in the Wednesday/Signature folder to remind your volunteers. I found that sometimes parents needed an email or phone reminder as well.

Resource for room mothers2

I hope this helps make your job easier and all of your child’s parties that much more fun!

PS-  Keep all the original filled out forms together in a separate folder so you have the parents’ contact information ready if you need it!

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