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Office Organization Services:

My Friend, Katherine offers office organization services include: desktop management, creating or improving file systems, paper flow management, office design and layout, ergonomics, paper/records management, clutter control, organizing common areas and supply rooms and coaching for better time and self-management.

Small Business Management Services:

My Friend, Katherine also offers office organizational support to small businesses with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, tax/financial reports generated by Quicken or QuickBooks and custom services depending on client’s needs.

Home Organizing:

From one closet to your entire home, I offer customized professional organizing to meet all your family’s needs. Your trouble spots will be simplified and your interior and exterior living spaces will be beautified!

My Friend, Katherine provides complete clutter control with a focus on creating efficiency and order: Closets, kitchens, garages, attics, home office, kids’ rooms, living rooms, playrooms, photos, collections, incoming paper management.

I can also supply you with expert advice on staging your Macon home to sell as well as assist with downsizing. If you are moving into a new home I can help you unpack and design a custom space plan that suits your needs.


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