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Published on February 20th, 2017 | by Katherine Denton


Garage Organizing

It may be hard to visualize how large your garage is if you have a lot of clutter, but the dimensions of an average 2 car garage are 24′ x 24′ and a 3 car is 36′ x 24′. This a lot of space to work with.

First decide how you want to use this space. You most likely will want to park at least one car in it. Do you need space for a workshop? Large kids toys or athletic equipment? What about storage for things not used very often?
Draft a layout of the space with these needs considered. Measure the space you need for each of your cars so you can get a good idea of free space. The hardest part of organizing your garage is making sure your stuff fits into your free space.
A few tips to maximize the space:
Get as much as you can off the floor and on the walls. There are lots of options for shelving available at the hardware store. We use simple bracket shelves, skinny pieces of furniture and ties to hold items vertical.
Garage Organizing with My Friend, Katherine Macon
Garage Organizing with Macon My Friend Katherine
We modified our garage by adding a center wall in between the one car garage door and the 2 garage door. We park our 3 cars and still have plenty of room for a ping pong table, shop tools, a work bench, extra wood, business storage and gardening equipment.
Garage Organizing with Macon's My Friend, Katherine
Garage Organizing
Be creative. Our entrance stairs really cut into the storage space in front of my car. My husband used this to our advantage by attaching bracket shelves to the stairs to hold things like dog food. He also hung a tennis ball so I know exactly where to stop when parking.
Garage Organizing
Garage Organizing
As a professional organizer for over 22 years, I’ve learned everything I know about garage organization from my husband!

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