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Published on July 27th, 2016 | by Katherine Denton

Essential Packing List

Travel packing list My friend, Katherine Macon OrganizerDestination Fun!

Your Essential Summer Packing List

To help you prepare for your summer travels, here is a handy packing list. 









Suit/evening outfits

Workout wear   






Walking shoes    

Sandals/Flip Flops      

Dress shoes       


Sunglasses w/strap    






Hair brush/comb   

Hair products    



Lens solution and case   


Face wash    

Body lotion



Make-up remover    


Shaving supplies   

Nail file          



Travel Paperwork    

Plane tickets

Travel confirmations

Cash/credit cards   

Dollar bills for tips      

Driver’s license/Passport    

Health insurance card   


Membership cards

First Aid

Prescription medications        


Antibiotic ointment

Anti-itch gel/spray

Aloe Vera gel

Antacids/stomach remedies

Pain medicine  

Other  Items      

Camera, charger               

Cell phone, charger   

Cell car charger      



Laptop, charger      

Day pack, beach bag      


Insect repellent      

Antibacterial hand gel      

Wet wipes             

Water bottle   



_________________  _________________



Essential Packing List was originally published in the 2016 July issue of Idle Hour Living Magazine. Travel packing list My friend, Katherine Macon Organizer

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