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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

The following testimonials are just 2 of many. Additional references are available should you be interested in discussing my services with others I have assisted.

“Katherine was my personal assistant for four years. I always knew that she would be able handle any task competently and efficiently, no matter how complicated. Katherine amazed me with her ability to efficiently multi-task with a minute attention to detail. She handled all aspects of my home office, including general accounting, bill payment, budgeting, filing, organizing, and state and federal tax accounting. She is an expert at saving time and money, and excellent at motivating others to go the extra mile and get results. Katherine is one of a kind. She is always pleasant and cheerful, attractively and professionally dressed, punctual and dependable, and will be an asset to anyone or any company who hires her.”

Judge Anne E. Barnes
Georgia Court of Appeals, Atlanta

“My husband, who had suffered a catastrophic head injury and was struggling to regain primitive life skills, could not act on his behalf in any of his affairs. During this time of crisis, Katherine assumed all of the household management duties for my family. Katherine energetically attacked my husband’s student loan debts which were forgiven, she set-up life insurance for myself, set-up social security disability elegability for my husband, including the initiation of benefits for him and my daughter. She enrolled my husband in Medicare, no simple task. She also set up easy to use systems for filing our taxes and she filed our taxes for us, which are extremely complicated. I trusted Katherine with all of the paperwork for our household. We were so lucky to have someone with the skills and character of Katherine. She had my signature stamp and vital family information. I was so grateful to have such a competent, ethical assistant to take over that aspect of our crisis. In this unstructured, unsupervised environment, she not only solved problems; she simplified systems and eliminated complexities so that I could handle the long term management of my family’s financial, medical and legal paperwork. I am continually thankful when I go into my files that I can actually find stuff, even years later!”

Susan Houghton, PhD.
Georgia State University, Atlanta